Apple iPhone SE Review: $399 Gives You the Features of a $1,000 Phone

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. But consumers on a budget are forced to choose older, cheaper models over the latest, greatest devices. That’s where the company’s new iPhone SE comes in. the new successor to the 2016 version of the iPhone SE starts at just $399, incorporating all the processing power of Apple’s (AAPL) current iPhone 11 series into the body of the $449 2017 iPhone 8. That means you’ll get a 4.7 With an inch display, fans of the smaller phone have been clamoring for it, and the classic “home” button and Touch ID sensor are fan favorites. But what you’re getting is not the multi-cell layout of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, or the edge-to-edge display of those phones. But the iPhone SE is a terrific value for a device that starts low enough to easily enter Apple’s broader ecosystem. starting at $399 with Touch ID and a Home button fantastic camera system low enough to enter the familiar face of Apple’s ecosystem Apple’s iPhone 8 has survived in the company’s stores for a long time. In fact, the tech giant recently lowered the price of the phone to $449 when it launched the iPhone 11 series in September, with the iPhone 11 series starting at $699 and the iPhone 11 Pro topping out at around $1,000. All of which is to say that the iPhone SE should be a familiar face. That’s because it literally has the same design as the standard version of the iPhone 8. Heck, these phones are the exact same weight and size. I’ve been using Apple’s largest phone, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which makes the iPhone SE small and light in comparison.

MoreThe screen is essentially the same as the Retina Display panel on the iPhone 8 and features Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the screen’s color temperature to match ambient lighting, ensuring that the panel never looks too blue or too yellow.The SE also includes two large bezels above and below its display. It would be great if the SE encapsulated an edge-to-edge panel, but doing so could significantly increase its price. That said, the SE’s screen doesn’t feel constricted when typing or watching a show, which does a lot of things when I should be working. The story continues with the fantastic camera Unlike the iPhone 11, which has a dual-camera setup, or the iPhone 11 Pro, which includes three cameras, the iPhone SE has a single-lens camera. But it’s really a camera. I took the SE and the $1,099 11 Pro Max for a walk in my local park to see how well the cheapest iPhone camera held up against the most expensive iPhone camera, and outside of low-light photos, the two cameras were on par with each other


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