865 Plus + 144Hz to create the ultimate gaming experience, ROG gaming phone 3 review

For mobile gamers, the ROG gaming phone series has always been a faith-based existence, and each generation of ROG gaming phones has made mobile gamers want to stop with its powerful configuration and cool appearance. After Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 865 5G Plus platform in the second half of this year, the ROG gaming phone 3 was also the first to carry it, continuing the tradition of annual upgrades and being the first ROG 5G phone. Also after the evolution of the first 2 generations, the ecosystem of ROG gaming phones has been gradually improved, with other cool gaming peripherals, allowing players to get great satisfaction in operation, visual and sensory experience.

After the release of ROG gaming phone 3, I believe many players want to see its elegance, recently I got this phone, down to share with you the experience and feelings, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of this phone.

Unboxing appearance

ROG game phone 3 has three versions: Elite, Classic and Supreme Edition, I belong to the classic version of this phone, packaging using a four-sided box, built-in cell phone, charger, power cord, protective case, take the card pin and other common accessories.

The case does not cover the entire phone, but is designed with a cut-out design that effectively protects the main frame while displaying important elements such as the ROG logo and cooling fins, and is compatible with Cooler Fan 3. Visual aesthetics.


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