moto razr blade 5G phone review: disruptive technology innovation, perfect alignment

Fifteen years ago, Motorola launched the Blade V3, recognized as “one of the greatest products in the history of cell phones”, which was ultra-thin, metal, laser-engraved and sold 130 million units worldwide.

With a thickness of only 3.9mm and a metallic design, the Blade V3 was given the title of “Blade”. Compared with ordinary flip phones, the Blade V3 is more compact and agile, with a metal frame that not only reduces weight significantly but also brings a full metallic feel, ensuring that it can maintain a shiny appearance in long term use.

The moto razr blade 5G is the only folding screen phone on the market with no screen crease and seamless folding.

The moto razr blade 5G cell phone, the continuation of the classic blade V3 unique flip cover design, slim and delicate body both the iconic sense of sharpness, but not lack of futuristic technology model, the first sale of the network only 2 minutes to sell out, why so popular with users? The first sale was sold out in just 2 minutes, so why is it so popular among users? Let’s get to know it quickly through the actual hands-on experience of the tech dog.

The iconic flip cover design is highly visually recognizable

The moto razr blade 5G continues the razr series classic design, the body is made of three-dimensional molding Corning glass combined with the latest technology to create, the body mid-frame uses the highest grade aircraft grade 7 series aluminum metal unibody frame, the texture is strong and light, providing better portability, quite two colorways, two colorways are provided, respectively, the front elegant black and Chosen Gold.

Folding screen phones are largely limited by the screen process, moto razr blade 5G phone is using the industry-leading IP patent – star track pivot technology.

When you perform the flip cover operation is, the elastic metal plates on both sides of the body will pull the display tight, so that the screen always remains flat, the visual perception and interactive experience and the current popular full-screen phones can be the same; when you close the cover, the screen can be completely folded in zero gap while not appearing creases.

The star-track pivot technology perfectly solves the problem that the crease cannot be eliminated when the screen is completely folded and cannot be flattened when the corner is too large to fold, so that the flexible display can be folded according to the star-track curve.

When unfolded, the large screen presents a wide field of view, and when closed, it is small and delicate enough to be stored in a suit pocket, an experience that no other brand of cell phone can give. The moto razr blade 5G, with more than 100 patents for folding innovations, is currently the best folding screen phone for screen creases.

In terms of service life, the moto razr blade 5G screen is a whole press cutting molding, and the display panel has five layers of custom-grade protective layer before and after, to which the stainless steel protective layer, for example, is only 360 microns thick.

In addition, the moto razr blade 5G has passed a rigorous folding test, guaranteeing a folding life of more than 200,000 times, and a life of more than 5 years based on a folding frequency of 100 times/day.

The screen is perfect without folds, and the internal and external screens switch seamlessly.

The moto razr Blade 5G is equipped with a 2.7-inch external screen that not only displays incoming calls, WeChat notifications and other functions, but also the time, date, weather and other common information.



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