In-depth review of iPhone 12 upon arrival

In-depth review of iPhone 12 after arrival

This year the iPhone 12 blue detonated a lot of topicality, being flirted with as garbage can blue, truck blue, truck blue, underwear blue … and so on, reading a lot of messages from netizens are super funny, the actual iPhone 12 blue in the real naked eye vision is on the darker “treasure blue”, not bright blue,, and the color will be a little darker than the official website color.

Of course, you may still not be able to accept the blue color of the iPhone 12. If the “panty blue” that appears with the iPhone 12 is replaced by these Android flagships on the market, I wonder if everyone’s evaluation will be different again?

But it’s not for nothing that so many people don’t like “panty blue”, because this blue is too eye-catching and not very easy to match with other colors, and it’s not easy to master, so many products are not the standard RGB ratio “jewel blue”.

My Apple iPhone 12 has been shipped
And will be in different environments, light and angle, iPhone 12 blue will also show different style changes, in the outdoor strong light exposure and will form another light treasure blue.

If you look at this color from the perspective of color is really special, it has the mystery of the deep sea, in the visual and more bright, with white cases can show noble, with black cases is also another can cover and perfect wear combination, usually more suitable for men, can master treasure blue depends on personal preferences, if you can not accept, it is recommended to buy white, black, green or red will be a good choice.

The color is actually not too much to worry about, after all, there is a matte glass back cover that can perfectly complement the most beautiful light blue color scheme, the back cover is also very eye-catching in addition to being able to resist fingerprints, the back glass of the two models also uses an additional unique double ion exchange process to strengthen, more than the iPhone 11 series are equipped with anti-cracking.

The flat bezel design and coating are reinforced again

The iPhone rounded bezel has been used for as long as 6 years, visually I believe that many users will feel visually tired, if the design is still used, it will certainly make people think that it is another small revision, is not trying to cheat money, of course Apple is not likely to make such a low-level mistake decision.

iPhone 12 series appearance ushered in a comprehensive overhaul, return to 10 years ago iPhone 4 flat edge design, but also joined the iPhone 5, iPhone 11 design elements, while also echoing the iPad Pro / iPad Air appearance shape and the continuation of the former series of back cover, the final iPhone and iPad appearance can be consistent, so that people look at a distance to know that you The iPhone 12 will certainly be one of the topics of conversation among friends and the envious eyes of passersby again.

Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are 7.4 mm thick, 0.9 mm thinner than the previous generation of iPhone 11 Pro (8.3 mm). The main difference is that the screen is a flat screen, unlike the slightly curved screen used in the past, so both screen protectors cannot be used with the previous generation.



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