Apple iPad Pro Tablet Review

Usually catch up on drama with the phone too small screen hurt eyes, with the computer and feel out to carry inconvenient, so the tablet computer was born. It is large enough screen, easy to carry, and loved by young people. This is not, I recently planted this Apple iPad Pro with its large screen, fast information processing ability has won my favor.

The tablet I bought is dark sky gray, the back of the body is a dark gray solid color design, the overall feeling is very simple atmosphere, hold in the hand is very texture. 11 inches of Liquid retina screen is to expand the field of view, in addition to the adaptive ambient light of the original color display restoration screen. Whether it’s a picture or a video, it’s all the more comfortable.

The camera performance is also outstanding, with a new ultra-wide angle front camera, which comes with a centered figure, a Pro-level camera and a LIDAR scanner to help me take great photos and videos. Of course, the most surprising thing is that I can walk around and stay in the middle of the screen while making a video call, which is a very thoughtful design.

The performance is also excellent. The tablet is equipped with Apple M1 chip, which makes the tablet run faster and has more information processing power to help me handle various tasks, and it has good performance in drawing, gaming and video. The Internet speed is also not bad, and the 5G cellular network model allows people to access the Internet quickly without worrying about network lag in places where there is no wireless LAN, which is very convenient.


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