Xiaomi MIX FOLD review: the road of exploration of cell phone form, Xiaomi still needs to work

Xiaomi MIX series finally updated, MIX FOLD as Xiaomi’s first folding screen phone, officially unveiled at the Xiaomi Spring New Product Launch, folding screen, liquid lens and surging self-research ISP, feel Xiaomi MIX FOLD also did not deviate from the original intention of this series, continue to explore and launch a cooler product.

But the combination of so many details, how exactly Xiaomi integration, Xiaomi MIX FOLD really does not seem to give us a satisfactory answer. First of all, from the appearance of the face, Xiaomi MIX FOLD is still good, black body business sense, but the back of the camera module design language inherited from the Xiaomi 10 Supreme Edition design, slightly less good-looking, feel lower the overall grade of the back panel, the lower part of the back panel is the word MIX, the location of the spindle and INNOVATION FOR EVERYONE The word “INNOVATION FOR EVERYONE” is on the lower part of the back panel. The overall texture of the body is good, but there is still a gap from the real high-end products.

Xiaomi MIX FOLD weight and thickness control, compared to the lack of friendly machines, folded 17.2mm thickness, in the daily grip will feel a little pressure, and the weight also went to 317g, ceramic special edition is to 332g, the whole half a pound more than the machine, although holding in the hand quite “solid The machine is quite “solid” in the hand, but it’s really not wrist-friendly.

Screen, Xiaomi MIX FOLD external screen is a 6.52-inch 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen, the resolution of 2520×840, has not reached the level of FHD, it is a pity, the display effect is still possible, this screen also supports the original color screen, JNCD ≈ 0.55 ΔE ≈ 0.52, excellent color performance, peak brightness reached 900nit, also supports full-link HDR 10+. But the main thing is that the screen ratio of the outer screen is too strange, whether watching videos or looking at pictures are not a comfortable position to look at, feel the daily use to chat and brush microblogging can be, such a comprehensive configuration is not a waste.

The screen is even bigger than the friendly tablet PC. The screen quality supports 1 billion color display, with JNCD ≈ 0.29, ΔE ≈ 0.35 color accuracy performance, the brightness of the inner screen is the same as the outer screen. The refresh rate is only 60Hz, and with the animation of MIUI and such a large screen, it can feel some frame drops during daily sliding and use, so I hope to use a high refresh rate screen in the next generation to make up for this regret.



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