Samsung Galaxy A52 5G review: the king of budget 5G phones in 2021

The Galaxy A50 series has been one of Samsung’s best sellers for the past few years. Priced between $400 and $500, it’s the perfect middle ground between ultra-cheap phones and expensive flagships. While devices like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip are making headlines in 2020, last year’s Galaxy A51 outsold almost every other Samsung product. There was never much doubt that Samsung would keep the excitement going this year, and sure enough, the Galaxy A52 was officially revealed in March (next to the overpriced A72).

Everything from the display to the internal hardware of the Galaxy A52 has been upgraded, this time in two different versions. the Galaxy A52 5G is designed for 5G markets such as the US and Europe, while the 4G model is being sold in other parts of the world. If a version is available in your region, check out our separate review of the Galaxy A52 4G model.

I’ve been using the Galaxy A52 5G for a while now, and unless Google or OnePlus surprise us later this year, I think this is the best budget 5G phone we’ll get in 2021.


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