Love it! Huawei Nova9 review: excellent lens, perfect screen|The impeccable mid-range phone

Huawei’s cell phone business may be struggling on all sides, but it hasn’t stopped being a cell phone business. For example, the recent Huawei Nova 9. this phone is amazing, let’s take a look at it!

One thing that can’t be faulted about the Huawei Nova 9 is its looks, especially the “Star Blue” color that I’ve been testing, and it also has a subtle grip and textured back.

It’s a large phone thanks to its 6.57-inch display, but it’s still thin at 7.8 mm and weighs just 175 grams. Despite the large screen, it still feels portable and compact, and the curved edges make it comfortable to hold.

The only real controversial element might be the rear camera module, which sees the main lens located in a large circle, with three other lenses and the flash located in a second circle below. I don’t like the look, but you might – and you certainly can’t say it’s boring.

Note that unfortunately, the phone doesn’t have a waterproof or dustproof IP rating, and there’s no Gorilla Glass on the display, so it’s not as rugged as some of the more expensive flagship phones.

Huawei nova 9 4G Full Netcom 120Hz Rear 50M Super Perceptive Imaging with HarmonyOS

The last thing to note here is that this design is basically the same as the Honor 50. These phones do differ in some other ways Huawei has a better camera.

Display and audio
This is another pretty strong performance from the Huawei Nova 9. The 120Hz OLED panel here is beautiful, covering over a billion colors and handling HDR very well.

The 6.57-inch display is a pretty big screen, though it’s really average for Android right now. It’s curved, but not extremely curved, which is basically enough to make it comfortable and look attractive without being obtrusive, so those who are nervous about curved screens shouldn’t have much to worry about.

There’s also an under-screen fingerprint reader, which I found to be fast and reliable. You can use facial unlock if you wish.


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