Huawei Mate40Pro in-depth review: with undeniable quality

Huawei Mate40Pro has arrived! It’s finally here, the successor to the Mate30Pro, which has already generated much discussion last year. With a variety of qualities, especially in terms of design, photos or performance. And for the first time, the volume button has been removed

When the Huawei Mate40Pro arrives, it offers a new engraved 5nm SoC and again gives pride of place will photos and videos. Huawei also learned from its mistakes and reintroduced the volume button. The phone offers a larger screen and is even more impressive than the P40Pro and P40Pro+ released earlier this year.

So I’ve given you a week-long experience with the Huawei Mate40Pro to learn from. Does it make for the best quality phone of the year? Let’s take a look

Design: good despite the little weight gain

As with all top models, Huawei designed its phones to put the small plates on the big head. On the front of the Mate40Pro, we find the famous curved edge screens that made previous models in the Mate series, as well as the P30Pro and P40Pro, a success. Of course, this has also made the success of rival models, especially at Samsung. Of course, if you don’t like this display, there is no need to try to convince yourself: the curvature of its edges (88° to be exact) is really noticeable.

On the other hand, those who prefer a phone with a curved screen will be pleased. The grip of the phone is excellent and playing with it is a real pleasure. Note, however, that like the P40Pro and P40Pro+5G, this phone is difficult to operate with one hand. But there is a one-handed mode integrated into the Huawei Mate40Pro.

On the front, I noticed that the manufacturer installed its dual selfie camera on the top left of the phone’s screen so that it detracts a bit from the overall look, so hopefully we’ll see a true full-screen arrive sooner rather than later.


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