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If you want to compete in the product power, you may never be able to get a result. In the previous generation of Vivo X70 series phones, Vivo provided a variety of mobile products with different mobile platforms.

In the latest Vivo X80 series phones, Vivo continues this fine tradition by presenting the two top cell phone mobile platforms, Tiangui 9000 and Snapdragon 8, to consumers so that they can really make targeted choices according to their needs.

The vivo X80 is a model that completely uses the Tiangui 9000 processor, which is the star chip of the moment, and is a proper flagship performance in terms of specifications, process and heat generation. In order to maximize the performance potential of the chip, Vivo and MediaTek have made joint adjustments.

Of course, Vivo X80 as the image flagship positioning, the performance in the image function is naturally also first-class. So this phone can actually meet everyone’s psychological expectations, today we’ll actually explore some.

Tiangui 9000 top specifications vivo optimization to explore the maximum potential

The GPU is equipped with Mali-G710 deca-core GPU, which also has the top graphics performance, plus the chip introduces The GPU is equipped with Mali-G710 deca-core GPU, also with top graphics performance, plus the chip introduces MediaTek’s own global energy efficiency optimization technology, which has excellent performance in power control and energy efficiency.

In addition to the basic performance, the AI and ISP specifications of Tiangui 9000 are also quite excellent. The latest MediaTek 5th generation APU is built in with a six-core design, including four major cores and two minor cores, which improves performance and energy efficiency by 400% compared to the previous generation. The image is equipped with the 7th generation Imagiq ISP, supporting up to 320 megapixel camera and 3200W+3200W+3200W triple camera, video shooting can support three 4K HDR video shooting at the same time, and the first to support 8K AV1 video decoding.

Network support, the Tiangui 9000 has a built-in MediaTke M80 baseband, supports 3GPP R16 standard, provides 300MHz triple downlink carrier aggregation, and has a maximum download rate of 7Gbps. first support for Bluetooth 5.3 standard, supports Wi-Fi 6E and 160Hz bandwidth.

The vivo X80 has a top-spec processor, but that doesn’t mean a top-notch high-performance experience. In order to be able to bring out the maximum performance of the Tiangui 9000, vivo side has prepared two major magic weapons.



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