Apple Apple iPad Pro 12.9 tablet computer [2021 models

The iPad Pro 2021 model was released as scheduled, still a large and a small with a combination of small size 11 inches, large 12.9 inches, the same size planning as the previous generation. 2021 this generation of the main hardware to upgrade the point is the processor, the use of Apple M1 processor, the most powerful ARM in the current mobile field, and the leading margin is not small. In addition, the iPad Pro 12.9 uses a new screen technology. For the convenience of the text, the following will be iPad Pro 12.9 referred to as IPP13, no special instructions, all refer to the 2021 model.

IPP13 uses Liquid Retina XDR display. Hearing XDR, there is a spirit, XDR originally refers to a professional-grade display released by Apple, priced at RMB 30,000 to 40,000 or more. This is also the first time Apple used the term XDR on mobile devices, these are packaging, supporting Apple’s bottom line is the new mini-LED technology.

mini-LED is essentially a backlight technology for LCD, the biggest difference between traditional LCD and various LCDs called LED [excluding OLED] is the backlight system. Let’s review the differences between LCD and OLED, LCD core three is the color filter, liquid crystal layer and backlight board, liquid crystal layer does not light, so the need for backlight board light penetration liquid crystal layer in order to clearly display information, while OLED is a color light-emitting diode shoot column composition, can self-luminous, no backlight board, which is the key difference between the two types of panels.

Early LCD panels use linear light source to constitute the backlight system, simple and reliable structure, low cost and easy to promote, but it is easy to lead to uneven backlight or light leakage problem. So the use of LED arrays as the backlight design, so there are a variety of XX LED named panels, but they still belong to the LCD category. mini-LED is also the case.

The use of LED arrays as backlight panels can also improve the structural deficiencies of the LCD black does not go down, the backlight is always on design will lead to the traditional LCD is unable to correctly display black, get black is actually dark gray, and the use of LED array backlight panels, you can achieve multi-zone backlight, pure black cover the area can be turned off the backlight, to get the real black display. The use of LED backlighting, but also to help improve the brightness. White is brighter, black is darker, meaning that the contrast of the panel will have a huge increase, will be more suitable for some high brightness difference application scenarios, such as watching HDR video.



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