Vivo iQOO 9 Pro Legend Edition Review: Unique Design, Ultra-Fast Charging + Amazing Gaming Performance

Vivo has a top-of-the-line gaming phone in the iQoo 9 series – a phone designed for gaming. The flagship model in the series is the Vivo iQoo 9 Pro, which features a sleek design and great performance via the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

I got to play with this legendary version of the phone. If you want to see how this phone performs in everyday life, read on.

Vivo is currently releasing some of the sleekest looking phones on the market, and the iQoo 9 Pro Legend Edition continues that trend.

The most striking aspect of the Legend Edition 9 Pro is its BMW M Motorsport-inspired design. It features a white carbon fiber finish that captures light and overall looks sleek and high-end.

The right side of the rear has a tri-color stripe – although the paint on this does feel like it could be easily scratched.

If the racing-inspired color scheme isn’t for you, then you can also opt for orange. Both phones come with matching cases to protect them from drops and bumps.

The back of the phone has a large camera module that spans the width of the phone – one of the biggest design differences between this model and the older iQoo 7.

At 8.83 mm thick, it’s a slim phone, but does sit on the taller side – something to consider if you need to fit the phone into a small pocket or bag compartment.

While this is part of Vivo’s line of gaming phones, it doesn’t have the typical gaming design. You won’t see the extra buttons and triggers found on the ASUS ROG product line.

While the iQoo 9 Pro Legend Edition has a USB-C slot for charging, there is no headphone jack. However, you can use the USB-C slot for headphones, or use Bluetooth pairing.

The Vivo iQoo 9 Pro does not have a dust and water resistant IP rating, which is disappointing when compared to some other high-end phones with proven durability that are higher.


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