What about the Apple iPad Air 5 tablet? Is it worth buying?

The development of technology has made our lives easier. In the past, when catching up on dramas, the fear of missing the TV broadcast every day really makes people feel miserable. The popularity of smartphones now allows us to catch up on dramas anytime and anywhere, but the small size of the screen is still not as enjoyable as a tablet computer.

Although there are more and more kinds of tablets on the market now, iPad is unsurpassed in the field of tablets, where the iPad Air 5 is the latest tablet released by Apple, equipped with M1 chip, can play 3A games, performance is improved a lot. So what else does it have to offer? Is it worth getting? Here’s how to find out

The iPad Air 5 is a tablet computer released by Apple on March 9, 2022. iPad Air 5 comes in five colors, including dark sky gray, starburst, pink, purple and blue, and is available in 64GB and 256GB capacity versions.

The iPad Air 5 body shell is made of 100% recycled aluminum metal, the motherboard solder is made of 100% recycled tin, and the magnets in its shell and audio components use 100% recycled rare earth elements.

In terms of screen, iPad Air 5 is equipped with 10.9-inch Liquid retina display, which can display 3.8 million pixels and integrated including 500 nits brightness, full lamination technology, P3 wide color gamut, original color display, but also only supports 60Hz refresh rate, if you have no obsession with high brushing, there are no hard requirements iPad Air 5 is very cost-effective.

Compared to the previous generation iPad Air, iPad Air 5 is equipped with M1 chip, 5 nm process, 4 performance cores + 4 energy efficient cores to form an 8-core architecture, 8-core central processor performance increase of up to 60%, 8-core graphics processor to improve graphics performance up to 2 times. Along with the CPU and GPU, the 16-core neural network engine can run machine learning functions. You can edit multiple 4K videos, play image-intensive games, perform 3D interior design, experience augmented reality (AR) and more.

Plus, the iPad Air 5 also upgrades itself directly. The previous generation’s running memory was only 4GB, while in it it is directly up to 8GB, which is quite good, and that makes it even more guaranteed to run worry-free!


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