Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review: opening the other side of the stunning folding screen phone

With the continuous development of folding screen technology, folding screen phones have become the main flagship products of major cell phone manufacturers, and for users, folding screen phones are no longer a product form of “taste”, in the folding screen interaction and application ecology short board, now the folding screen phones can be used as the main machine, and has a richer application scene.

As the pioneer and leader of folding screen phones, Samsung continues to explore more possibilities for folding screen phones, the phone can not only be like the Galaxy Z Fold series to become more “big”, but also like the Galaxy Z Flip series to become more “small “, can meet the needs of different user groups. Not long ago we got the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, what are the upgrades compared to its predecessor, and what different experience can it bring? Here we will reveal for you one by one.

As the fourth generation of Samsung’s folding screen masterpiece, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 continues the classic vertical folding scheme, in the folded form, the body volume of 71.9 × 84.9 × 17.1mm, the thinnest side 15.9mm, the weight is only 187g, like a girl’s makeup box, storage and carrying are very convenient.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is designed with dual internal and external screens, including a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED external screen, and a number of functional upgrades, no longer limited to simple time display and message notifications, such as users can directly check the weather, personal itinerary, make calls or reply to text messages through the external screen, and can also turn on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight It can also turn on or off WiFi, Bluetooth, flight mode and flashlight, and display payment codes directly when shopping to complete payment.


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